How to benefit from blockchain technology?

How do you benefit from blockchain technology?

Find out in our two minute test now

Digitalization presents companies and public administration with major challenges. Beyond evolving customer preferences, relentless focus on seamless customer journeys and product-lifecycle-management, companies‘ cost-income ratios are linked to the efficiency of their end-to-end processes stronger than ever before.

Consultancies preach and design scalable standard processes, however, companies still face the reality of a manual process steps all along. Their value chains consume a lot of resources more often than not tied up in overhead. Now blockchain enables you to use a single source of data due to its inherent data distribution paradigm - all in an unified interface.

For the first time in the history of information technology, the highest document stability and transferability of data has become reality. Blockchains. Central providers, counterparties and intermediaries become obsolete, trust is distributed across a network of users. The realm of today’s IT applications will change dramatically. Until lately, it was impossible without a bank as central intermediary to conduct an online peer-to-peer business transaction without risking to fall prey to fraud. Introducing blockchains. Blockchains enable secure online transactions with no need for a middleman. Find out now, if blockchain can help your business case.

Our short online test helps you to evaluate any given use case and find out quickly an blockchain application makes sense and what the potential benefits are. Here are some dimensions how blockchains impact organisations for the better:

  • Reconciliation
  • Resilience
  • Transparency
  • Cost
  • Speed

Our test gives you a brief and concise overview as to whether a blockchain solution may be an addition or alternative to your current IT solution. Each dimension from above is specifically rated based on a few key questions in the test. You receive your individual report immediately after answering 12 generic questions on the next page. Click the button below to start the evaluation now.

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